• Trucks and/or trailers can be moving or parked at a strategic location for up to one hour. You can capture a wider audience.
• Truck advertising has a lower cost than traditional advertising.
• Quad state coverage of Delaware, Maryland, Pennsylvania and New Jersey.
• We tailor our services for product launches, general advertising, or long term marketing campaigns.
• Reach out to your customers with an innovative new concept that appeals to a captive audience, where they live, work, and play.
• Statistics show that annual expenditures on outdoor advertising are increasing dramatically each year.
• Communicate with an affluent and receptive audience.
• High message-recall and incredible reach and frequency.
• Truck mounted billboards have the ability to access areas where traditional billboards don't exist, or are simply not allowed or are unavailable
   (e.g. sporting events, trade shows and busy roadways).
• Advertising In Motion allows you to take your message directly to the consumer instead of hoping the consumer comes to the message.

Companies of all size to benefit from low cost national advertising in the US.

Our trucks and trailers have been specifically designed so that your billboard will stand out and grab an onlooker or commuter. We always ensure varied companies are posted on trucks, so you will be guaranteed exclusivity in your commercial area. Each truck has 2 available billboards on each side and panels on the front and rear. Daily, weekly and monthly rates are available. The side billboards are 10 feet high by 30 feet wide and are an excellent size for instant impact. You can either provide us with your artwork, or send us a logo with your idea and our in house creative staff will design a high impact design for you. For rates and further information please call now or submit an online inquiry.

Why use truck advertising?

• High Impact: Trucks are hard to miss!
• Coverage: Trucks carry messages to areas other media cannot reach. Unlike stationary advertising boards, which are out standing in their fields, trucks move.
• Cost: Much less than existing outdoor advertising.
• Flexibility: The use of advertising panels allow advertising on trucks to be easily changed or removed.

Every businesses needs to advertise, but most companies are put off with traditional stationary billboard campaigns by the high costs. Advertising In Motion has a solution for you; effective low cost advertising with maximum exposure to our quad state area. Advertising In Motion can help businesses that are looking to expand. The concept is popular with web companies looking for a national presence on a low budget, who currently only advertise on the web (Google Adwords, Overture etc). Truck advertising offers similar exposure to traditional outdoor advertising, however it costs a great deal less.

Advertising In Motion offers new opportunities to companies who are trying to raise their profile. The Advertising In Motion solution offers our clients a 10 feet high by 30 feet wide custom designed billboard on each side of a truck traveling the quad state area. One vehicle has an OTS (Opportunity to See) potential of up to 1,000,000 views per year. This quad state area coverage ensures increased branding of your logo, products and services.